Content Management System

Definition of Content Management System (CMS).

Definition: A computer software system that organizes and facilitates document and media creation for websites in a collaborative environment using programs, procedures and databases.

The procedures or programs help with the following:
  • Provides for multiple users to contribute content
  • Provides mechanisms to reduce repetitive and/or duplicate content
  • Access Control to the data and have roles definable with varing levels of access (e.g. view, edit, publish, administer, etc.)
  • Integrated data storage and retrieval
  • Improves communication between users with varying roles
We are experts in Joomla and WordPress.  These two CMS frameworks are being used to deploy millions of website around the globe and support rich media with stunning presentations.
Within a Content Management System they types of data can be defined as: movies, images, formatted text, PDFs, forms, etc...
CMSs are used to store, revise, and publish (display) these document types. 

Expert Web Professionals use Content Management Systems to rapidly deploy highly polished websites.  After deployment and training, the site's content can be managed directly by our client.