eCommerce Site Development & Management

eCommerce management is an ongoing function to brand and engage; bringing to bear the right skills at the right time.

Our eCommerce sites provide full functionality and capabilities to:

Unlimited Products

Whether you want to sell 1 or 1,000,000 products.

Unlimited Categories

Create unlimited categories / subcategories and assign products to them.

Mobile-friendly, Responsive design

Our eCommerce solution is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It supports all of Bootstrap 2 / Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 so it is compatible.

Compare products

Customers can add products to the compare list to view their information to compare them before decide which product to buy.

Wish list products and store cart

When customers view products in your store, they can add products to the wish list or the cart to checkout later if they want.

Product options

Options are extra selections that customers can choose for a product before adding the product to cart. Suppose that you have a fashion store, each product will need 2 options: Size and Color with some different choices for Size as S, M, L or for Color as Green, Blue, Black, etc. Then Product Options can handle that perfectly.

Product attributes

It allows you to add any information types of product and display that information to customer easily use Product Attributes feature. So customer can group these information and compare between products to find the expected products.

Simple & quick one-page customer checkout

The entire checkout process is painless and uses Ajax technology that walks through the customers step by step without refreshing the page. Customers can place orders quickly and with confidence.

Guest checkout

Besides checkout as a register user, customers can checkout as guest. So customers don't need to register account or log in, they can still checkout as guest quickly.

Easy find - Easy buy

Customers can find the expected products easily by using filters module, quick Search module, advanced search module.


You can keep track of sales and products of your store by dates, weeks, months or years easily with Reports system.

Manage stock

Each product in your store has its own stock. When the stock reaches zero, the product will automatically set to out of stock.

Stock status display

Display the stock information or out of stock status of product when it is out of stock.

Auto update stock - Low stock notification

Stock of a product will be updated automatically when product is ordered. And you will get automatic notifications from your store for products that are reaching the low stock threshold. It will help you replenish the stock.

Customizable emails and messages

All of notification emails and messages can be managed and customized easily as you expect.

Here are a few sites we have developed, host and manage.

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