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Houston, TX

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Challenge: Our client had an old site. The layout was antiquated, and it did not display well on a mobile device. They needed an upgrade.

Get listed on page one.

Business: Their business resided in a suburb of Houston Texas where they sell above ground pools and hot tubs - plus accessories and supplies.  Their customer are consumers looking for an affordable upgrade to their back yard.  As you can imagine the competition between swimming pool dealers in the Houston area is quite large.

Solution: Our solution involved a rebuild and ongoing content creation emphasizing their location, products and services.  Every month we add relevant, unique, and new content.  On their blog we add swimming pool owner tips, party planning, and even covered hurricane damage in insurance claims.

Result:  Please check out their site - From the work, their website ranks on page one of Google and it presents on mobile devices to all of the Houston area.

Here is a typical "Request for Quote" - We are looking into pool information and are very curious about semi inground installations. I'd love a rectangular semi inground pool, but I'm not finding much there, so the next choice would be an oval. I just don't even know what the cost on something like that would be and would love any guidance you could give me!

Gotta love the increase in sales from the website.