Should Your Secondary Brand Have a Different Website?

Generally - No.

The only time you should consider building and maintaining a different website for another brand is if these conditions apply:
  • the secondary brand is significantly different than your other brands
  • the other brand is targeted to different markets
  • the purpose / need met for the secondary brand is substantially different

In most cases a competent Content Management System (CMS) can split the site into two branding themes that have a different look and feel for each brand.  The benefits are in maintenance.

If you do want to separate the brands further, it is suggested to use sub-domains for the site.  Using this method the foundation remains the same and the sub-domain differentiates brands.

For Example:

The main brand / organization entity is The Zirconium Company - or

They have 2 main brands
  1. Zirconium Jewelry
  2. Cash for Gold Retailers
To keep the main organization as a functional bigger brand, use these sub-domains:
is a simple site that highlights and educates the consumer about the corporate entity.
this site sells and markets the jewelry

this site sells and markets the retail side