SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing is a skill from English speaking marketing professionals. It is not a vending machine or an automated article writer.

Content is King and Good Content is the Key to the Kingdom.

All the search engines thrive on content.  But because there are billions of articles on the internet, the search engines look for:
  • Original Content
  • New Content
  • Relevant Content
Our article writing service provides this tool.  We have native English-speaking writers that come from a marketing background, so you get great content that reads well, contains relevant key words, and motivates the visitor.

With our service:
  • We research the key words
  • Define the goal of the article (informative, action oriented, entertainment)
  • Determine the audience
  • Submit articles to blogs for backlinks
  • Create PDFs for further SEO when appropriate
  • You own the content

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