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Back in a small midwestern town called Waukesha, Wisconsin, in 1958 and 1959 two geeks were born.

Sorry, we won't go back that far...

The principle of EWP was first introduced to the internet in college around 1981, before ARPANET adopted TCP/IP as the standard protocol.  

Yea, that's even too far back...


In 1989, Jeff Honeyager started Corporate Information Systems Inc., a document management software development company.  Their product was call LaserCOM to replace microfiche for large corporations, banks and hospitals.  In 1992, the team of developers connected to and used the internet for research into code and development tools.  Because we're all geeks, the team pushed Jeff to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) selling dial up connections.  "I thought it was way too expensive to dish out $2,500 per month just for a T1 connection, not to mention all the other gear." said Honeyager.  If anyone remembers a T1 has a speed of 1.54Mbs - that is about 2% of the speed you get at home.


In 1993 and during a visit in South Carolina to one of our software resellers, Honeyager had a chance to see a 2 person ISP sharing office space with our reseller.  They showed him the newly launched World Wide Web and it was clear what was going to happen.

On the plane ride home, he came up with the name iServ and the basic concept.  On Monday morning, he told his team of developers the plans to start iServ.

In late summer of 1994 iServ went online with 8 dial up modems and their first customers.  "When we heard the modem connecting for the first time, we all ran back to the server rack and watched the blinking lights flash - our first customer."  By 1998 iServ grew to providing internet access for over 30,000 desktops through dial up, and dedicated lines.

The company was sold to investors and is still in operation today.

The awesome growth and result could have only been accomplished by a wonderful team of extreme talent from around the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.  There are too many to thank, but they know who they are. 

After the iServ run, the dot-bomb popped the initial internet bubble and most of Mr. Honeyager's capital gains.  So, it was back to basics for a few years.  During this time Mr. Honeyager helped architect an in-the-field application connecting mobile phones, GPS, photo verification, and work orders to a centralized dispatch database - this was years before the iPhone.

2005 was formed to provide value added hosting and website development in 2005.   Over time, this company grew in client base offering Internet Marketing services.  GraceHost has developed page one placement SEO services and high end intranet and extranet web-based portals.  These portals currently perform these services to clients:
  • Online Training for Internal Auditors
  • ISO Standards Training Systems
  • Business Directory
  • Collaboration System to be used as a corporate bulletin board (internal Facebook)
  • Event Booking Site
  • Internal Company Document & Process Testing Portals
  • Individual's sites for celebrities and speakers
Learn more about these portals at:  We are working with Mel Valkner to grow the sales of these portals in the industrial market.  While we own the concept and integration methods, Mel manages the sales and marketing.  Visit Mel's site at:

Here are the related sites we own and develop:


The next iteration is now Expert Web Professionals.  This is basically rebranding the GraceHost services.  We have opened a West Coast office in Los Angeles.


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