Step 1. Define Goals & Objectives

We absorb your goals and create verifiable objectives.

Step 2. Develop the Plan

Our planning integrates the target market with your goals, our teams and any outsourcing agents.

Step 3. Execute

Our team operates as an extension of your staff.

Effectively a Marketing Assistant with the skill level of an Executive.

Maximizing Your Internet Investment

Thelma-is-a-team-of-expertsSocial Media Marketing Packages
Design and Development Promotion Follow Through 
ROI Reporting

You have heard all the promises - our proof is results.

Go to Google, cut and paste the search phrase below:

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Or click here to do the cut and paste for you.

See our client - where do you see it?  ALL of page one, most of page two.

Do you want this for your site?

Expert Web Professionals builds your marketing campaign, creates the tools and assets, deploys them on relevant channels, then manages them to become traffic drivers in your market space.

We are the team to take your online goals create a return on your investment.   

Your goals are our focus.  We go past SEO and Hit Strategies.

Question: Which is better, a million visitors generating one hundred sales, or ten thousand visitors generating one thousand sales?

The answer is obvious.  The three keys to successful internet marketing are:
  1. Consistently reach the correct market
  2. Engage them when they are ready to buy
  3. Offer a product/service with value they can afford - now
Please browse our site and review our services - they are scalable to fit any size organization.

Skills & Services

Internet Marketing

Internet Sales


Web Master & Technologists

Project Management

  • Plan Development & Execution
  • Team Building & Mentoring
  • Outsource Management
  • Budget Development & Management