Meta Tags and SEO

Joomla version 1.5 is an improvement over version 1.0 in terms of Search Engine Optimization.  To best use its capability you need to know how Meta Tags work.

There are two basic places to manage Meta Tags in Joomla 1.5.  The first is in the Global Configuration Manager.  The second is within each article.

This article assumes you have a cursory knowledge of the backend (Administrator) area of Joomla and a basic understanding of HTML.

Global Configuration

After logging in to the administrator area, go the to the Global configuration and then the Site area.  You can add a description and a list of key words.

Take time and write effectively.   This is your "One Minute Elevator Pitch."  State the purpose of the site withing 25 words or less.  Then add your keyword list and long tail key words with commas between each.  Gone is the time when you would add a keyword like "Marketing" or "Shoes."   We often tell clients to imagine themselves as a searcher - what would they type in to try to find your website.

Below is a diagram showing the entry in the global configuration and the resulting HTML text that Joomla renders from the Description and Keyword list:

Joomla's Global Configuration and resulting HTML rendering

Article Manager

When an article is displayed within Joomla, the golobal meta tags are used, if you do not have any article specifc tags included.


It takes less than a minute and has a huge effect on SERP.  If you don't add these, your entire site will have only the global tags for the search bots to use.

Below is an image showing the article manager and the resulting effect the article meta data has on the Joomla rendered HTML.