Which is the Best CMS in PHP?

Which is the Best CMS in PHP? And why you think that its better than others?

1. Joomla
2. Drupal
3. Wordpress
4. Moodle
5. OSCommerce

Below are some comments taken from a user group in LinkedIN (the names have been changed)

Joomla is number one for all around use, and for everything from beginners to experience programmers can use it. I think this is what Joomla does best. Keep the widest audience.

Drupal, you definitely need a programmer, and although many are using WordPress for more than blogging I still feel the time it takes to manipulate WordPress to do other things is not worth it. WordPress is a great blogging tool.

Mary Dern

I have used all of the CMS that you mentioned and I keep coming back to Joomla. it's easy to use and the number of free modules and extrnsions available are incredible. But what's best about Joomla is how easy it is to manage even a large website with Joomla.

Stephen Rosenbloom

You got some great tips here and I am on the same page with Joomla being the best CMS. I use WordPress for some sites but have found knowing one that can do it all is a better asset than learning more. Especially if you are still in discovery. There is a migrator to WordPress and not to Joomla but CorePHP has a way to actually bring a WordPress site inside of Joomla. It is a fantastic tool if you need the strength of Joomla and the ease of WordPress.

With Joomla though donít be fooled into thinking all the extensions available for it are good. In fact many are worthless and it is worth your time invested to review what everyone is saying about a particular extension and test it thoroughly before you commit to it.

Calvin Morrison

I think of Joomla! as an old friend... it is not perfect, but will very rarely let you down... The comment about a lot of the modules not being very good is what happens when extensions are provided by volunteers, but over the years I have got to know the names of the providers that I know and trust and have often used modules that donít do exactly what I want as a perfect starting point...

I can't say it is the best in the world - but after 15 years in this business, 10 years of which has been with Joomla! (if you include Mambo) - I am in no need of having to look for an alternative.

Another issue which we have to be careful with however are specific tags needed for certain modules that tend to get stripped by the editor... but this is not usually too difficult to fix on a module by module basis...

By the way OsCommerce is just a shopping cart platform with no real CMS; if you want CMS, then you need Joomla! and Virtuemart. Virtuemart on itís own is quite limited, but there are plenty of additional extension to add to make it a true contender.

Darrel Tupson