Internet Sales

Reseller & Affiliate Strategies

Definition:  Affiliate marketing is a network marketing method where a business compensates the affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.  This type of marketing has four main components or entities: (1) the merchant or retailer, (2) the network, (3) the publisher, and (4) the customer. 

Affiliate marketing is similar to other marketing methods, because affiliates regularly use standard advertising methods.  Some of these methods include paid search engine placement, organic search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and some direct display advertising. 

Website Optimization with Affiliate Marketing

Entice prospective customers and accelerate purchasing decisions by creating compelling content and effective landing pages. Incorporate video, blogs, email, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) as you drive traffic and sales using natural and paid search.

Maximizing Profits to Create Multiple Income Streams

Uncover the secret techniques super affiliates use when selecting programs to promote. Grow your revenue by building trust, influence and engagement with customers. Master proven affiliate marketing methods to make the networks work harder and generate more money for you.

Selecting the Right Networks

Ramp up your network quickly by discovering how to apply and get approved for affiliate marketing programs. Maximize your returns by negotiating a better deal or higher commissions. Implement legal best practices and apply ethical considerations to protect your business and reputation.

eCommerce Site Development & Management

"We're not in Kansas anymore."

You're in your office and your boss comes in and excitedly says, "I just read in the Wall Street Journal that our competition is selling boat loads of product using the Internet. We need to get selling online! You have a degree, so get to it!."

Now what?

Looking on the Monster job board for "eCommerce Manager" shows you that companies have different notions about  what an eCommerce manager is. Some see it as a marketing function, or an IT function or a web design and development function.

None are correct.

For a company's eCommerce initiative to succeed, a different type of manager is needed. A company's eCommerce needs today dictate that the eCommerce initiative sit with a true eCommerce manager.  So this is a new function, not a hodgepodge.

To bring about a wining eCommerce effort, the eCommerce manager must be not a programmer, a marketer, or a web developer, but instead someone who is familiar with all of these functions. The eCommerce manager must be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the IT, web site production, and marketing departments.  Then they must champion those skills to create and promote the eCommerce side of the business.

That is why you hire Expert Web Professionals

We bring together all the talent and skills to be the eCommerce manager.