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When computer maker Dell announced it earned three million in revenue by using Twitter, the blogosphere was all a buzz about it. It was proof that social media had potential to increase traffic AND increase sales.  Dell was quick to mention, it took 18 months to make that first million via Twitter, but only six to earn the remaining.

Even though Dell generates over $60 billion in revenue, smaller businesses can also benefit from using social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and blogging.  This is Public Relations "The Next Generation."

Unlike traditional PR and advertising, which is costly, the main cost associated with social media is time, not cash. Any business can benefit if it is able to spend the appropriate time on social media/networking sites building a community.

Social networking levels the playing field and provides small business owners another platform or medium to leverage their marketing dollars. 

Not-So-Great News

Not everyone who says they are an expert really are... they may not even know what they are talking about.

We have all been watching the explosive growth of social media.  It has created a larg mass-market of experts selling manure. They are like really those slick used car salemen with such vapid pick up lines that you don’t even see 'em coming - hoping you remain clueless.

Social Media Gotcha Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Line

What You Need to Know

Social media is an imperative strategy for all companies. You will be left behind if you don’t have a social media plan. Social media isn’t the “right” answer for every company. There are several factors to consider before diving into a social media strategy. Do you have the resources to support a social media strategy for the long-term? Are there natural places within your current marketing strategy where social media can be integrated? Are there conversations happening about your industry already?
It is a marketing requirement to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and… There is no magic list of social media sites that apply to every company and every industry.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not the only of social media channels.  For many companies they are the “wrong” places to be. The better question is whether or not your audience is actually using a social media channel. If they are, which ones?  For many industries Facebook and Twitter are not the right channels, but they can drain the resources that could be better spent on social media sites where the audience actually participates.

We will do everyting for you.’s effortless for you
WARNING:  Social media isn’t about posting a bunch of marketing messages, it’s about engagement - about conversation.

Who is going to converse with the audience?  What kind of training is involved before you let someone pick up the phone for the first time?  Handing over the role of customer/prospect contact to a social media consultant could be a nightmare.

We developed a strategy for XYZ Company and it led to over ten-thousand fans Anytime a consultant uses the number of fans or views as a measure for the success, you should watch out.  Were the fans relevant to the company? Did any of these people do anything that actually contributed to the goals of the company?

We reviewed a site showing Facebook followers for a LED Lighting Retrofit company.  They consisted of general people from India that had no involvement in the industry.  They were students, teens, and others (we suspected) were paid to "like" the Facebook profile.  They were not the property managers they were looking at as their market.

Our team consists of experienced social media experts It is too new!  There aren’t enough people who have successfully created, implemented and measured a social media strategy for a business to work for all of these providers who are making these claims.

This may be a group of fresh out of college “interns” managed by one person with a little bit of experience. Make sure to ask exactly who will be working on your account and how much experience they have in social media. Also, make sure to ask what companies they have developed and implemented social media strategies for.

Social media is special. Your current marketing strategies won’t work, that’s why you need us. Social media is just another tool in your marketing tool kit. It isn’t any more special than email marketing or paid search advertising.

Each requires and understanding of your goals and how it can help you reach your objectives. Social media is NOT any different.

In many cases, social media will compliment your current marketing strategies with a little twist.

Social media is the only marketing strategy you need. Social media is not a silver bullet.

It will not fix problems within your current marketing strategy. It is not the “only” marketing strategy any company should use.

Good marketing is a combination of strategy and circumspect tactics executed within channels where their prospects and customers play.

Putting all of your eggs in the social media basket is extremely risky.

If you don’t know a lot about social media and need some help, that’s okay. But make sure you prepare yourself so you hire a solid provider who can contribute to your goals.

Expert Web Professionals can manage and implement your social media marketing opportunity.