Click Rate from Email Newsletters

Office-worker-reading-emailYou are average if you get open rates between 20% and 40%.

It is rare to get open rates above 50% for typical newsletter / email campaigns.  Inboxes are full and people are busy, so don't expect anything above 50%.

With a new email newsletter, you may get excellent rates that may not be sustainable.  People will give you one shot.  If you open rates drop quickly, it means you are not engaging the reader.

Job related emails tend to keep the highest click-to-open rates.  This is probably due to the continually poor employement environment.  The other two industries that receive a very high click rate are "Arts & Crafts" and "Law Enforcement."  Over 75% of the other industries fall below 20% click rate.  So, if you are not in one of the three top industries, you can expect a click rate below 25%.

What day of the week has the best click rates?

Tuesday is considered the best day in terms of overall click activity. It has the highest open rates and second highest click rates.  People are going through their "Must Read" messages on Monday, and have Tuesday for expanded topic reads.  Sundays have a high click rate yet a low open rate.  This may be due to people having more time to read/click within messages only if they are interested.

What time of day has the best click rates?

Messages delivered between 4pm and 10am produced the best response for both open and click rates.  Open rates peak between about 8am and 5pm. This disparity, may mean that recipient checks their messages after business hours, yet read them during business hours.

Other Factors Affecting Click Rates.

  • Frequency: Sending a mailing at least once a month allows lists to remain up-to-date, and discourages high bounce rates.
  • Personalization: Click rate responded well when personalized. Over the years this trend has stayed an indicator and used in predictive marketing.  Note, personalization of both the message subject and body has a negative effect on open rate, so be careful not to use it too much.
  • Subject Line Content: Email marketers craft subject lines to convey special offers, as well as time sensitivity of those offers.  This technique imparts urgency, and helps to persuade the recipient to open and engage with the message.
  • Subject Line Length: Recipients respond better to short subject lines. Because people are in a hurry, and minimize their attention, a few choice words improve the chance of being read.

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