Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing Packages

Our staff reviews your sales goals and branding strategies and develops a program to engage your market with the social network space.  We build campaigns for:


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 900,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 310,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 255,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 250,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 120,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 110,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 100,000,000



Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 65,000,000


Estimated Unique Monthly Visits: 42,000,000

Click Rate from Email Newsletters

Office-worker-reading-emailYou are average if you get open rates between 20% and 40%.

It is rare to get open rates above 50% for typical newsletter / email campaigns.  Inboxes are full and people are busy, so don't expect anything above 50%.

With a new email newsletter, you may get excellent rates that may not be sustainable.  People will give you one shot.  If you open rates drop quickly, it means you are not engaging the reader.

Job related emails tend to keep the highest click-to-open rates.  This is probably due to the continually poor employement environment.  The other two industries that receive a very high click rate are "Arts & Crafts" and "Law Enforcement."  Over 75% of the other industries fall below 20% click rate.  So, if you are not in one of the three top industries, you can expect a click rate below 25%.

Long Tail Key Words

Briefly, focusing on short, single word keywords is almost a waste of time.  The competition for those is high, and result in millions of hits.  People typically do not type in one word in the search engine; it is usually 2 or three or a specific phrase.

Research the phrases a person may use to find your site.  Try them out on a search engine, then work your site with original content that contain these phrases.  Be sure that those phrases naturally occur in the content otherwise the visitor is turned off by the content.

Also, as people are closer to the buy in the buying cycle, their searches tend to contain more words.  After their initial research, they now focus on more specifics of your product or service.

Below is a graphic showing the effect of Long Tail Key Words on consumer action.

Long tail SEO vs Prob-of-sale

Social Networking Management

Social-Media-and-Expert-Web-ProfessionalsGreat News

When computer maker Dell announced it earned three million in revenue by using Twitter, the blogosphere was all a buzz about it. It was proof that social media had potential to increase traffic AND increase sales.  Dell was quick to mention, it took 18 months to make that first million via Twitter, but only six to earn the remaining.

Even though Dell generates over $60 billion in revenue, smaller businesses can also benefit from using social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and blogging.  This is Public Relations "The Next Generation."

Unlike traditional PR and advertising, which is costly, the main cost associated with social media is time, not cash. Any business can benefit if it is able to spend the appropriate time on social media/networking sites building a community.

Social networking levels the playing field and provides small business owners another platform or medium to leverage their marketing dollars. 

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services integrates website content, news and action items into a professional presentation to your market's inbox.

Definition:  Direct email marketing is a format for email-based campaigns in which standalone advertisements are sent to a targeted list of recipients.  Email is a versatile marketing medium where email is sent to a mailing list using a server (or computer) to send out formatted messages.  Email can be sent from simple text messages to elaborate HTML & rich media.  The message or content can be broad based apealing to everyone or can be highly customized per person.  Email Marketing can be as frequent as needed from one time messages to daily updates.

Whith the great power of email comes great responsiblity.  We all experience the abuse of email, commonly known as spam.  Do you consider spam email as marketing? Technically, the answer is yes, but it is certainly not responsible marketing and has limited if not detrimental results.  Spam and the growth of un-asked-for email is a major threat to legitimate email marketers.  As the glut of messages increases, the less effective it becomes.

Market Segment Analysis

Market Air Conditioners to Floridians and Heaters to Eskimos

The total population of customers is obviously large and varied.  It contains people from all walks of life and belonging to different income groups.   Each of these different groups of customers require an altered and unique approach. The basis for this approach is developed with market segmentation analysis.

Market segmentation is a strategic marketing Market-Segment-Analysis-Definitiontool to define markets and then allocating resources appropriately. Using a  statistical techniques called factor analysis and cluster analysis combines attitudinal and demographic data. The result is then used to identify segments that are easier to target. It is better to identify target groups and then aggressively market to these smaller, more defined segments.  This results in better results at lower costs.

From a management viewpoint, market segmentation divides a market into seperate groups who are more likely to be drawn to different products or services. This technique is accepted as a fundamental requirement for a successful marketing campaign.

Market segmentation is concerned with individual or group differences in response to specific factors (e.g. lifestyles, personal preferences, media habits, etc.). If these response differences can be identified, and are stable, and if these segments can be efficiently reached, market share is increased.

Once the market is defined and segmented, we apply the best tools and technicians - to reach the buyers - cost effectively.

Demographic Outreach Strategies

Target Your Message With The Appropriate Medium

All advertising seeks to target the right products to the right audience, and makes possible low- or no-cost content and services. Most online ads aren't matched to you as an individual, but to data categories such as demographics, interest  groups, location, or online behavior.

Expert Web Professionals reach your audience - the audience that buys.

Demographic-Outreach-Determines-Who-in-a-diverse-populationMarketing research involves more than merely approaching a consumer qualitatively with a "pencil and a survey...asking 'can you please fill this out'.  Then totalling the 'I agree' and 'I disagree.'  It involves understanding the substance of demographic and psychographic data gathered from research methods and evaluating this data to apply its results for the purpose of improving existing business strategies aggressively.

An integrated marketing communication plan is basic to consider types of buyers and consumers, and potentially negative and positive impacts. In addition, initial research may assist to avoid challenges, define objectives, initiatives, and marketing budgets. This research will focus budgets on a specific marketing phases and techniques.

Once this is done in conjunction with the Market Segment Analysis, we deploy one or more strategies.  These may include:
  • trust email marketing
  • geoIP site coding
  • targeted opt-in marketing
  • selected geographic ad placement
  • affiliate advertising strategies
  • cloud advertising

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is "search engine optimization" beware of "Snake Oil"

Hiring a SEO firm is is a big decision that can potentially improve your site. But, an unscrupulous SEO firm promising "page one in a day" could risk damage to your site and reputation.  We often hear from clients that outsourced their SEO to an offshore company found their work was inexpensive but did not work.  Their efforts did grow the hit count, but it did nothing for their business goals.

We build a strategy with you by understanding what your business is and what you want to accomplish.

You may have seen on TV offers for free websites.  We all know nothing is free.  They often then upsell you on SEO for very little per month.  And that is exactly what you get - little.

Expert Web Professionals provides custom monthly service that is proven to work.  We can get you listed on page one and keep you there.

Expert Web Professionals provides these SEO services:
  • NO CONTRACT - if our work is paying off great; if not, cancel at any time
  • Review of your site content, structure and current standings on the search engines
  • Create an affordable plan to move you up in the rankings (SERP)
  • Create original, key word complete content that relates to your products or services
  • Landing pages for any adword campaigns
  • Call to action messaging (on the site and in the search engine's display)
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Monthly updates including geo-centric articles that match your market
  • Manage online business ad campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in increasing your website traffic and increasing your sales.

CLICK HERE and read what Goole says about outsourced SEO firms.
Over 14 billion online searches every month and growing.  There is a huge opportunity to get in front of millions of people using your website. To take advantage of that opportunity, however, it is critical to rank in the search engines, to use social media and pay per click advertising. 

Most importantly, to make sure your website turns visitors into leads and sales.  If you dont understand how to successfully apply these strategies, then your customers will go to your competitors.

Being one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising, search engines are the #1 way Internet users find websites and search engine marketing continues to deliver the highest pre-qualified audience online.


SEO Article Writing

Content is King and Good Content is the Key to the Kingdom.

All the search engines thrive on content.  But because there are billions of articles on the internet, the search engines look for:
  • Original Content
  • New Content
  • Relevant Content
Thelma-is-an-expert-SEO-Article-WriterOur article writing service provides this tool.  We have native English-speaking writers that come from a marketing background, so you get great content that reads well, contains relevant key words, and motivates the visitor.

With our service:
  • We research the key words
  • Define the goal of the article (informative, action oriented, entertainment)
  • Determine the audience
  • Submit articles to blogs for backlinks
  • Create PDFs for further SEO when appropriate
  • You own the content

Web Analytics

We specialize in the defacto standard: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites. Web analytics is the process of measuring site statistics and analyzing traffic behavior. Here are there of the main benefits of web analytics.

It is typical for any business to do some data analysis. Data analysis is used to determine sales, profit, loss rate, and market interest. However, in terms of establishing a strong e-presence for your website, there is one tool that you could used in order to collect necessary data that you would need to promote your site.

  1. It helps monitor your visitors and users
  2. It can help you optimize your website
  3. It can help you formulate a sales and e-marketing plan

Where do you want to be tomorrow?



Judicial Use Justifiers

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites, where advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Companies that offer pay per click services match ads with what users want. If someone searches for "mobile phones" on Google, the pay per click company displays ads related to the query. This means that those who will see your ads, are the people already interested in your products and services.

We can help you navigate the Pay-per-Click advertising and join it with our keyword analysis, branding, SEO, and integrated internet Marketing plans.

For more information check out Pay Per Click Universe.

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